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HANnection is a dynamic platform for professionals who want to connect, engage and collaborate with Korean corporations and vice versa. We offer a wide range of opportunities to Korean speakers, job seekers, companies, teachers as well as TOPIK/EPS-TOPIK test-takers.

Are you a Korean speaking individual searching for a job in a Korean company? Sign up to become a member of our community to help Korean companies find you, or to look through the catalogue of job offers yourself! We offer additional counselling services regarding the job-seeking process and what working in Korea entails.


Are you a company looking for prospective employees? Submit an application so that Korean-speaking job-seekers can find you! We also provide recruitment services to help businesses find the ideal candidates to join their teams, according to their needs.


Are you a non-native teacher looking to get certified to teach Korean wherever you are? We offer remote certification to teachers and future educators of the Korean language.


Are you interested in taking the TOPIK/EPS-TOPIK test in the future? To help prepare for the exam, we offer mock tests on the official testing platform as well as EPS-TOPIK preparation materials.


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