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   About Us   

HANnection is an EU-based company in collaboration with the South Korean tech company NSDevil aiming to connect corporate Korea with Korean-speaking foreigners, making communication accessible and convenient for companies and individuals.

Our Mission

For professionals, providing individuals proficient in Korean with a professional network, linking them with work, education and business opportunities regarding South Korea.
For students, having a wide catalog of EPS-TOPIK preparation materials as well as mock tests for TOPIK test-takers on the official platform of IBT-TOPIK to guide learners on their path to become professionals.

Our Vision

Becoming the leading HR firm for Korean companies looking for Korean-speaking employees.

Helping international companies conduct business in South Korea.

Implementing UBT and UBL software in Korean departments by cooperating with universities around the world.

Certifying non-native Korean Teachers remotely.


By partnerships with Universities, Language Institutes, and teachers we want to help reform the education system and provide learning opportunities to everyone in the world.
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