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Career Counselling

Counselling for potential workers who have questions and concerns on both how the job-seeking process works and what it is like to work in a Korean company.

Teaching Certification

Providing remote certification services for teachers and future educators, enabling them to teach Korean around the globe.


UBL (Ubiquitous-based Learning) Cloud is a learning platform that implements online education on tablet PCs, PCs, and mobile devices, therefore, enabling the education process to take place anywhere in the world. Students and educators can connect with each other through learning materials, online classes, and a built-in forum on the UBL Cloud.


UBT (Ubiquitous-based testing) is the official test-taking platform currently utilised for TOPIK. It is an online testing platform optimised for a remote learning environment. It offers an offline mode and can be used anywhere in the world. The built-in AI proctor and the anti-cheating functions eliminate the need for a live supervisor.

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