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UBL (Ubiquitous-based Learning) Cloud is a learning platform that implements online education on tablet PCs, PCs, and mobile devices. It provides easy content-building tools as well as a stable and user-friendly learning environment through the global Content Delivery Network (CDN). A variety of functions such as real-time meetings, chat, quizzes, and built-in AI technology can be utilised liberally.

User friendly interface

Storage and management of learning materials

Feedback and learning process updates

Video chat and screen sharing for real-time communication

Stable video playback services

Efficient class attendance check

How it works

There are three types of profiles: Admin, Teacher and Student.

Admins create and manage courses; appoint teachers and students as well as control and monitor the workflow.

Teachers can create their own classes and materials within the course; assign tasks and homework to the students; give feedback and provide them with learning materials.

Students can easily attend their classes; submit their work and check on their progress. They can access materials and revise them.

Where to find it

UBLCLOUD is a product developed and managed by NSDevil, currently being implemented in schools and learning institutes. For more information get in contact with us or go to the NSDevil's website.

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