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UBT (Ubiquitous-based testing) Cloud is a cloud-based examination platform that can be installed into smart devices (PC, smartphones, tablets), therefore enabling the learning assessment system to be accessed anywhere. It is an online testing platform optimised for remote learning and is also utilised by the official IBT (Internet-Based Testing) TOPIK.

AI Supervising Service to analyse examinee’s movements

Monitoring the density of examinees through their location

Interwork with UBT REC app to record video and sound to manage testing environment

Global test support through NSD Cloud

Cheating pattern detection and data verification through 3D restoration analysis technology

How it works

UBT offers online and offline access to testing features through any electronic device. It can be used for both CBT (Computer-Based Testing) and IBT (Internet-Based Testing) creating an optimised remote testing environment. The Global Standard of Smart Device-based UI/UX, a co-research by the International Design Institute of Hongik University and SK Telecom, is included on the cloud. UBT offers statistical data and exam analysis, such as correct answer rates, time spent on a question, the number of answer changes and more. It also analyses learning achievement and improves the quality of questions accordingly.

Where to find it

UBTCLOUD is a product developed and managed by NSDEVIL, currently being implemented in schools and learning institutes. For more information get in contact with us or go to the  NSDevil's website.

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